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School of Fish

Small Businesses Lose Big to the Big Guys When It Comes to Presenting Offers IndustryView | 2013

Small businesses are losing big when it comes to capitalizing on opportunities to upsell and present offers, according to new report.

Top Reasons for Buying Customer Service Software

[Infographic] Top Reasons People Buy or Replace Customer Service Software

Software Advice recently partnered with, a application, to uncover the top reasons companies buy customer service software.


Customer Service Software BuyerView | 2013

We analyzed interactions with customer service software buyers to determine their top business pain points, reasons for buying, and most-desired features.


6 Tips to Shift from Reactive to Proactive Customer Service

The default approach to service is resolve issues as they arise. But Imagine if you could proactively reach the customer before they even knew there was a problem.

Calculator Close Up

How to Calculate (and Maximize) the Value of Your Self-Service Channels

Want to know how much your self-service support is worth? Here’s a formula for calculating that value, and tips for driving even more return.

Brain Image - Worker Psychology

The Secret to Call Center Retention and Productivity: Data Analysis and Psychology

Gamification and incentives can only go so far. Learn how call centers are using data and psychology in new ways to address these retention issues.

Twitter Shawn Campbell

The Great Social Customer Service Race IndustryView | 2013

Lately, few topics have dominated customer service strategy conversations like social media. Have the nation’s top brands caught on to the trend?


Micah Solomon: The 5 Tenets of Social Customer Service Response Under Fire

Professional speaker and author Micah Solomon shares his advice for tackling one of the biggest challenges facing businesses today—social responsiveness.

Up Arrows

3 Best Practices for Upselling and Cross-selling in Customer Service Interactions

Here are three simple best practices your team can use to effectively upsell and cross-sell in the customer service context.

Baby Boomer Image

Why You Need a Customer Service Strategy Tailored to Baby Boomers

We provide five simple, yet effective ways companies can cater their customer service to Baby Boomers–”the most valuable generation.”

Buyer Personas

How to Use Customer Service to Refine Your Buyer Persona

Buyer personas define what potential customers value, want and fear when shopping. Here are three ways to use customer service to refine buyer personas.

Ritz Carlton Entrance

The Secret to Ritz-Carlton’s Customer Service Mojo

To unlock the secret to their customer service sauce, Ritz-Carlton connected me with Diana Oreck. Here’s some advice she shared…

Call Center

Google+ Debate Results: Will Technology Kill the Call Center?

Experts discuss changing consumer service preferences, as well as new technologies for support via live chat, email, self service and social media.

Siri icon

How Siri Created the Next Big Thing in Customer Service

The rapid proliferation of smartphones and an appetite for more personal self service has sparked a new dawn in mobile customer service innovation.

Social Listening Tools

5 Tools to Turn Social Listening into Customer Service Action

Reports reveal a disconnect between what customers expect on social media and how companies respond. Here are 5 tools you can use to respond effectively.

Zappos Customer Service

A Zappos Lesson in Customer Service Metrics

Want to know the secret to customer service success? Here’s a peek into how Zappos measures productivity and performance unique performance metrics.

Customer Service the New Marketing?

Google+ Debate: Is Customer Service the New Marketing?

This event featured a star panel that discussed how the roles of marketing and customer service have evolved, and strategies for accommodating these changes.


Three Alternatives to Your Offshore Call Center

Companies offshore their call centers for obvious financial reasons (e.g. reduced overhead). What if those same things could be achieved by hiring onshore?

Game Controller

Gamification: The Key to Preventing Support Agent Burnout

This article focuses on how adding gaming elements can boost employee retention by providing help desk agents with a sense of accomplishment.