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Craig Borowski

Managing Editor at Software Advice


Craig Borowski graduated from Colby College in 1997 with a degree in East Asian Studies. He moved to Taipei, Taiwan soon after to begin a career in journalism, publishing and translation. His career there spanned ten years and included positions as Senior Editor and columnist of a bilingual edition of TIME magazine, author of twelve books and Chinese-to-English translator for clients including the Taipei Times, The China Post, Acer Inc. and the Office of the Mayor of Taipei.

Craig relocated to Austin, Texas in 2008 and was director of marketing for the US office of Tunze GmbH before joining Software Advice in October, 2013.


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Software Advice help buyers find the right software for their business. Our experts constantly publish product profiles, comparisons, best practices guides and other research to this site. These experts are also available by phone to provide free consultations for software buyers.


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