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Our 10 Favorite Help Desk User Interfaces (UIs)

A well designed user interface allows agents to answer tickets faster, increasing response times. Here are 10 of our favorite help desk UIs.


You Need to Offer Callback—Here Are 3 Ways to Get It

Our survey reveals exactly how much customers dislike waiting on hold, and what can be done to prevent their patience from running out.


Survey: What Customers Really Think About Your Call Center Script

Customers generally dislike having to deal with customer service on the phone. But what specifically do they dislike? We conducted a survey to find out.

Virgin Atlantic Google Glass_landscape (1)

Is Virgin’s Use of Google Glass the Future of Customer Service?

Is Virgin’s use of Google Glass a look into the future of customer service? We spoke with technology experts to find out.

Priority matrix.001

4 Steps to Creating a Support Ticket That Surfaces Critical Issues

I spoke with support center experts to discover how your company can design a more effective support ticket that will help you squelch issues before they become crises.

Customer service woman

Advance Your Career With These Customer Service Certifications

Getting a customer service certification can help advance your career and open up new job opportunities. But how do you choose the right one?

Castle Hill thumbnail

Is It Possible to Intercept Negative Reviews Before They Reach Yelp?

Bad Yelp reviews can have a significant impact on your company’s revenue. Here are four ways to prevent negative reviews from ever hitting the Web.

Call center

3 Reasons to Consider a Call Center for Your Next Job

Have you ever considered working in a call center? It’s probably different than you think. Here we look at three compelling reasons to consider call center employment.

Fixing Computer

Social Support #Fail: How Experts Would Fix 8 Twitter Missteps

Our experts identify the 8 biggest social support mistakes companies make on Twitter, and provide steps on how to fix them.

Live Chat

How Dell Increased Support Productivity by 25% Through Effective Chat Training

Since launching its training program seven years ago, Dell has increased the number of issues handled per agent by 25%. We reveal their “secrets to success.”

mcdonalds vintage thumbnail

Why McDonald’s Is Focusing on Speed of Service Over Service With a Smile

Despite customers saying friendliness is important, McDonalds is addressing “broken” service by addressing issues with speed. We investigated why.

Shaking Hands Embracing

Should You Hire Your Customers for Customer Service?

Here’s four reasons why hiring your customers for customer service could be an effective strategy for reducing employee turnover.

Amazon MayDay thumbnail

Is Amazon’s Mayday Support Model Right for Your Organization?

This article will explore 4 key considerations organizations should make to decide whether Amazon’s MayDay support model is right for them.

Zappos Support Team Thumbnail

A Zappos Lesson in QA Management

Want to know how Zappos runs its quality assurance program? Find out what secrets they’ve picked up over the years.

5 women image

How 5 Women Made It to the Top of Customer Service

We interviewed five women in leading customer service roles for top U.S. companies to find out what they most attribute to their success.

US Airways Moon Sky

How US Airways Delivers Proactive Customer Service Using Their IVR

Find out how US Airways enacts proactive customer service by programming their IVR to respond to customers intelligently based upon prior data analysis.

Video Camera

Video: How Badgeville Uses Its Own Tools to Increase Customer Loyalty

In this interview, Badgeville’s CEO describes how they use their own system in their customer community to increase loyalty.

Richard Branson Feature Image

How to Empower Your Customer Service Reps, Richard Branson Style

Here are five tactics Virgin Air uses to empower their customer service representatives to provide exceptional experiences, inspired by real stories from customers.

Doc Searls Black and White

Doc Searls Video Q&A: How The Internet of Things Will Revolutionize Customer Service

In this video interview, we discuss why the “Internet of Things” could be the secret to providing more proactive, efficient and cost-effective customer service.

South Congress Shopping

Shep Hyken Video Q&A: Local Shops Beat National Retailers When Creating Connections with Customers

In a recent study on the customer experience of ten retail stores, local shops beat big business when it came to creating lasting connections with customers.